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Modern Web Design Services

Professional Affordable Graphic and Web Design Services for Businesses & Individuals in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

It’s time to skyrocket your results on the digital world, and I can help you do that by ease thanks to nine years in the business and more than 50 successful websites created. Your business has to have a brand, identity, and personality everybody loves in order to convert the audience and traffic into valuable customers. My experience as a freelance website designer allowed me to learn how to create responsive, profitable, and unique websites designs that will suit your needs and increase your company’ online presence.

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New Custom Website

If you are starting a new company from scratch or creating your first website design, don’t worry I got you covered! More than 66 projects taught me how to create and redesign all kind of websites, regardless of your business’ niche. You don’t have any ideas? I can help you from start to end until you’ve got your dreamed website design!

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Website Restyle

Revamping your old and poor web design might be a really good trick to boost your online business and reduce the cost substantially. Have you got old web design you think has potential? Well, let me redesign it completely or partially to boost your results on your online efforts. So, don’t throw away things you can fix!

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Turnkey Website

Turnkey websites are steadily increasing their popularity and you may probably reduce your cost. This kind of website are amazing because they are easy to use, has a good resale potential and they an affordable alternative for other expensive services.

Ecommerce Website

People are selling millions of products on the internet and you cannot stay behind and be a spectator. I will create a store that will represent your brand, is going to be user-friendly and responsive regardless of the device you are looking at. You will start selling your products and services worldwide with latest plugins!

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Website Maintenance

One thing is creating your own website, but the maintenance is even more important. I can update your content in a matter of 24 hours and maintain any of your faulty website designs. You can hire me like your site administrator, so you will have peace of mind 24/7 by having me correcting and updating your business. If you want support, update anything on your current website and basic CSS, I can help you completely!

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White Label Website

This website enables you to deliver extra services to your customers without having to invest in new staff, equipment or training. I’ve got an extensive experience providing white label websites, specially designed for companies like yours. You don’t need to start from scratch; I can help you succeed with an existent and successful website design you can rebrand and save tons of resources. Your clients will never know that i built the website for you!

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Custom Web Design Services

Web design and development services.

For over 10 years, I have been creating websites and solving all kind of problems to keep all kind of business 24/7 with the most profitable website design.


Here are the details of every single one of my services as a web designer in KL, Malaysia. All the website i create always include:

Your website will be mobile-friendly (aka. Responsive design), so I’ll be ensuring that your website both looks really good and works flawlessly at any device.

Customized content with a unique layout design to boost your business online presence.

Basic SEO setup. I will help you create your online business by positioning your website on Search engines.

Mailchimp connection. Keeps your email marketing on point all the time.

Social media connection. Keep your audience engaged and connected with your business all the times with social media.

Detailed built-in website analytics or Google Analytics. You will improve your results and be in constant growth thank to the analytic tool.

Reworking the entire sitemap and reorganizing a site to be easier to navigate. Jesus, you don’t know how many businesses fail because of having chaos on their websites.

Content management training. You won’t need me for tiny details as I will train you to do anything using a CMS.

Setting up Search Engine Optimization. People will start coming by themselves to your website by positioning well on Google.

and much more…….

Logo & Graphic Design

I have been designing logos and working as a graphic designer in general for local brands and small business for over 7 years. That trail grants me with expertise on all niches as I provide both digital and printing design services. Printing includes label design, leaflet, business cards, mailer, and many others. Do you need content for your ads on Google Adwords, promotional banners an even social media post images? You should look no further because I can solve all your creative needs!

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freelance Graphic design in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Logo & Graphic Design

My Specialties:


The face of your business

Creating a logo is arguably the most important step in any business creation.  I will create a logo that will make your audience feel excited about your brand and make them follow your call-to-action. More logo design


Make your company presentable

Presentation is a key aspect of anything in this world. If something is not presentable right, then nobody would buy it. I will create a professional name card design for your company. More namecard design

Social media post DESIGN

The most profitable platforms

Social media has been for the last 10 years, one of the most profitable platforms for selling goods and services. You don’t want to miss all the opportunities social media might offer you. I will create posts for Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.  More social media design


More than just a label

Any companies need their own customized labels to suit their identity needs. Your audience will feel comfortable by buying from you and you will be creating a fantastic positive impression of your products and services.  More social media design

Online ads display design

More than just a label

Any companies need their own customized labels to suit their identity needs. Your audience will feel comfortable by buying from you and you will be creating a fantastic positive impression of your products and services.  More Online Ads Display design

leaflet design

An effective flyer/ leaflet/ mailer design

A flyer/ leaflet/ mailer is hands-down the most profitable and easy way to advertise and grow awareness. I will create eye-striking and effective flyers and leaflets for your business, so you can spread the voice with flyers. More flyer design

*Discuss with me in English, Bahasa Melayu, 华文,广东话*

Let me be the creators of your new online business presence!

What i want to achieve is giving you the opportunities to offer your products/services globally, increase your revenues and your online identity in a website design that will keep your business running 24/7, the entire year.

Start your plan and your career in the online businesses by contacting me right now!